My ex unblocked me on Facebook. What do you think she will ask for me?

We are talking about a whore and a gold digger. Cares only about herself and takes advantage of everyone who loves her. Both family and friends.

What do you think she will ask of me?

  • A. Money
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  • B. She has trouble with her dad and wants to escape from home
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  • Other (use your imagination)
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Well, I'm sure she's somewhat business oriented, so it's likely she'll fuck you for goods. What exactly, money is likely.

    • Who's to say he has much? She hasn't asked him for anything.
      When you unblock someone, you're simply trusting them not to hassle you anymore. That's it.

    • @AperolSpritz
      Internet etiquette is your area of expertise, mademoiselle.

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  • She unblocked you, not contacted you... there must have been a reason she blocked you in the first place.

    She doesn't want anything, dude. You've read far too much into this. Move on.

    • She wants something.
      And I have moved on long time ago. I clicked on the search to find someone else and her profile popped up first. That's how I found out.

      And the reason she blocked was because she promised to return me money I lend her when we already broke up. Problem is, a whore is a whore, so why keep her promise?

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