Why is my ex playing games or is it just me?

Every time he'd come to my cubicle, he'd stand right next time to me like half a foot away at the farthest. I hated this cuz he knew i was done with him and I felt like he was being disrespectful getting too close. After that I had to interact with him again but I was strictly business and he saw that I wasn't being nothing but. After that he came back to my table to hand me a document but this time he stood on the other side (couple feet away). Why does he behave this way knowing im done with the relationship? Do guys not take girls serious when they try to move on? Or am I thinking too much into? I'm moving on because it's what's best for me let me put it like that. And I felt he was getting too close on purpose hence kept his distance after he saw I was serious about not liking him anymore. He even tried to make me laugh and i didn't.


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  • No, you are not thinking too much. This seems some sort of mind game, to test your patience, he is trying to test you to see how you react. Of course it's cheap.

    • Why tho? Sorry late response lol

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    • Yes there is a reason why I said that. That's alright, it will take a while for me to send me response.

    • Lol thanks dude =)=) Have a good day!!

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  • This is why dating where you work is not a good thing. Usually ends up with one of the two quiting their job.


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  • He's playing games


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