My ex came back in my life only to leave again?

We met on Face book back in 2011 and met in person a moth later. We had strong connection but the distance eventually took it's toll and he broke it off since neither of us were in a position to move.
After time part we would reconnect and meet up again. This went on on and off for few years untill we finally broke it off for good in late November of 2014 when he met someone closer.

In any event, he started reaching out to me again more than year later. He sent me multiple messages back in April and June telling me that he had been thinking about me and misses me etc.
Then all the sudden I noticed that he wasn't putting any effort into contacting me anymore. I was the one always initiating contact, and sometimes he wouldn't respond. I didn't think much of it. I then texted him and ask him to come on Skype before he goes to work. He responded and said sure. We skyped for a bit but didn't talk because his volume on his phone was not working, according to him. Then he had to get off so he can get ready for work. He also promised to take a pic for me later on.
We exchanged few text then all the sudden he said "he's not sure if he can't do this anymore and he is sorry. Then proceeded to say, it wouldn't be a problem if we didn't live so far apart and maybe we might have something in future when his life is more settled.

I immediately asked if he is not coming anymore to see me and I asked for more explanation. He didn't respond to these messages and ignored further messages from me..
My ex came back in my life only to leave again?
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