When an ex says he does not see u as his future? what could b the reasons he would say that?


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  • Because you're so lazy that you wouldn't even type 'be', and instead typed 'b'? I mean, even if you're on a cellphone, that's pretty lazy.

    • it is just a short form that i use.

    • Well, you'll have to ask him what he meant. You didn't include any information on ya'lls relationship.

  • Why do you care? He's an ex

  • Ummm.. Your his ex? That could be the reason you creeper.

    • im asking what makes him. say that... if there is no connection.. would could b the factors?

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    • Well you don't need that sweetheart. Move on and find a man that will love you.

    • i wonder if i pushed him away because of my questioning.. he would not tell me everything n would leavr me in the dark.

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