Is it right to ignore her text?

so basically my ex girlfriend broke up with me because she was depressed and wasn't herself and i offered to help because i know wht it feels like to be in that place but she said no and that she wanted to fix her herself, and she told me to work towards my future as she works on hers, i understood the whole thing and moved on (even tho it still hurts a bit, but guess thats normal) we are friends and i still elp her out at times and give her tips on how to make friends in her new college but there are days i miss her A LOT i dont know why really but i just do and no matter how much i make myself busy my heart aches and at that point if she texts me i ignore her and archive the chat (i dont leave her on seen), but i just do it so that i dont bug her with my stupid ass feelings and so that she focuses on herself.. but am i doing the right thing by ignoring her when i miss her too much?
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Is it right to ignore her text?
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