Is he just a jerk?

My ex and I dated for close to 9 years, lived together for 8. Things were not great at the end but when he broke up with me it still took me by surprise. So now it's almost 10 months since we broke up. In that time we've gone through periods of no contact followed my hanging out as friends. When this has happened I've been clear with him that I can't be his friend because I still have feelings for him and to please stop contacting me if he has not interest in more. He always ends up asking me to hang out. So my question is: Does he just have no concern about my feelings and is a ass or does he still have feelings for me but isn't ready to act on them?


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  • He's an ass and he wants to keep you hanging around so he can use you as a backup plan till he finds someone else

  • u are the back up pussy

  • Short answer: Yes

    Long answer: You're his backup pussy.


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