Why has he completely cut me off?

We were casually hooking up but we got along amazingly well and he told me he likes me and wants to see where it goes and I agreed. He seemed into me and he started to seem annoyed that he was still only hooking up with me so I text him offering to see him more because I like his company and we can see where it goes. He told me that he likes me a lot but he doesn't know because he wanted to sort himself out before a relationship (he's on anti-depressants) and that's why he thought what we were doing was a good idea but he didn't expect to like me so much. We had dated years ago when we were younger and it failed too, and he said he didn't want to rush everything and it turn out like last time.

It sounded like he wanted us to end so I said I guess that's it then, and his response sounded bitter like I had just given up on us and ended it in 'you ended it just like that? fine whatever' and has cut me off. Ignoring calls, texts, I stopped attempting contact after 2 days of trying. We haven't spoken since Wednesday, we are still added on each other's Facebook which we both use frequently but he's just cut me off entirely now. It sounded like what he wanted but he just went from 'I really like you a lot' to angrily cutting me off for not getting his own way. I'm not sure what to do or why he has ignored me, there was no argument.
Why has he completely cut me off?
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