What could I do?

What can i do to get the love of my life back if she's moved on to a player and won't talk to me anymore


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  • I think you can't force someone to be with you if the person doesn't too. She left for someone else and you can just respect that but if as you said, that guy is really a player , Maybe she will came back by her own

  • Need a little more details. Did you hurt her? If so, how? Why'd y'all break up, etc.

    • I kept pestering her and texting her annoying her

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    • Well, I'd say to leave her alone for awhile if she thinks that she wants to be with someone else. Try doing that for make 3 weeks then try talking to her on a friendship level , asking how is she and stuff like that. Don't try too hard and don't chase after her if she isn't showing any effort.

    • thanks :)

What Guys Said 1

  • You mean she left you and went for a player? Well, if she did that out of her own free will then there is nothing you can do, she will learn her lesson.


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