Guys: Would a drunken confession to an ex be valid?

My ex confessed to me how he truly felt but with the influence of alcohol. Even got emotional but when he's sober he's too proud/defensive to tell me how he truly feels. In hindsight, he has said that I have a 'i don't give a f#ck' attitude. It's not that I do, it's just I'm not going to beg for someone to be with me, which is what he more or less expected me to do.

Should I believe what he said to me? I'm really confused as to believing it. He seemed really sincere. All my girlfriends say to forget about him and move on but a friend of mine who's 15 years my senior, and male friend, says it takes a lot for a man to be vulnerable.

I just want other guys to give me a bit of experience/opinion/advice on the matter.


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  • There is no way to really know. When people drink they do say things that they are thinking but wouldn't normally say. Odds are probably in favor that he means it, but it's not reliable.

    "when he's sober he's too proud/defensive to tell me how he truly feels"
    "I'm not going to beg for someone to be with me"

    So you are both doing more or less the same thing. Now it's an impasse. He won't give in and you won't give in.

    • yup! exactly. pretty much what we've been dealing with. both afraid of getting hurt so we're expecting the other person to step up. its a frustrating situation to say the least.

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    • By the way. Telling someone how you feel is not begging. :) That's just communication. It sounds like you guys need some real communication. You already know that, I'm just trying to motivate you. Somebody has to initiate it, or be content with how things are and move on. It's not going to happen on it's own.

      In my own case that I mentioned, we did talk about it on rare occasions. We basically decided that neither of us understood it, but somehow it just worked as it was, and we were OK with it.

    • Very true. Well when he did finally confess himself to me he basically said it's up to me where we want things to go. But we got into an argument a week later and backtracked. Said he just wants to be friends.

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  • Confession of a drunk person is never valid. Hence no you shouldn't believe him.

  • yes. . . .


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  • I'd never trust someone's words when they were under the influence of alcohol. It inhibits your thoughts. I don't believe drunken words are sober thoughts

    Alcohol is a depressant and affects the brains chemistry , so it impairs your actions, feelings and thoughts. So a drunken persons words can't be relied upon

  • I'd believe it. people loosen up when they're drunk, they say get the confidence to say things they may not normally say. from my experience they don't just lie or make up stuff


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