Dating this girl for 7 months now, things not working out so great but she told me I have her heart. She left but said would come back eventually?

I have been dating the most amazing woman for the past 7 months but we have had relationship problems. Where we break up and then a week later we get back together.
She left this morning with her stuff but left a few things.
I was talking to her before i left and asked her to stay but she said she can't.
I asked if she loved me and she responded "of course i do"
I told her that she has my heart and she responded with "you pretty much have mine"
I love this amazing woman and her name is Michelle.
I called and talked to her on the phone for a bit asking if she would stay but she said she had to leave.
I told her that i know that she would miss me, that she loves me and that it would be in the back of her mind and she was like yeah.
I asked if she would come back to me and she said eventually.
She actually came up the last night to spend the night with me before she left with her things.
Made love before i left.
I know she thinks about me, misses me and loves me.
I just wonder if she will come back and yes she knows i would wait for her cause i want things to work between me and her.
Just dont understand her and a few things she said to me.
How if i have her heart, spends the night with me before i leave, still called me babe, kisses me, all the stuff if i was in a relationship with her.
That she would eventually come back. Which through our breakups she has come back in time.
Most of all why she would still leave if I have her heart and i know im the only one that has it.
Im just really hurt right now and wishing she was still with me.
I hope she comes back. I would love for her to knock on my door.
Im thinking of dressing up nicely in a dress shirt/pants so that if that moment she does come back i can sweep her off her feet and show her the love she has been away from.


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  • Time to move on


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  • Then why break up if you both love each other? But if it's not going to work out then move on.


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