Do we ever forget our first sexual partner? do we remember them forever, or do they slowly fade out of existence within our minds?

my girlfriend and i just broke up. she broke up with me. she said she was no longer happy and needed to figure herself out. she's only 16 so i mean, maybe she is trying to figure something out. im 18 by the way, anyway, she was my first sexual partner, and i became quite close to her, closer than I've ever been to anybody in my entire life. she meant... everything to me. thats why i chose to give a piece of myself to her. i was her second sexual partner. Im asking will i always remember her, or will i eventually forget about her. her being my first i see it as highly unlikely that i will ever forget her, as much as i want to. she's nothing but a bad memory now. do you guys think ill forget about her, or will she always be a part of who i am? please be mature in the comments.


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  • You will never forget her. You may tend to romanticize her and put her on a pedestal for a while but that will fade. She will be an influence on how you act in relationships, so she will always be a part of who you are.


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  • she was a prostitute, i have forgotten her already lol. probably a thing my next girlfriend will like because i will never think about this hoe.


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