He said he would burn my house down?

I recently broke up with my live-in partner of fifteen years. He was verbally abusive on a massive scale. I couldn't do anything right. I was constantly walking on eggshells in fear of making him angry. He told me that if I threw him out he would burn my house down. So I changed the locks and packed as much of his stuff as I could before he got back from work. I sent him a text that it was over. He asked if I was joking. I hid in the house while he took his stuff. He kept shooting dirty looks towards the house. He texted a list of things he wanted. I texted him okay I would have them for him the next day. He never showed up to get them. He turned his phone off and I can't reach him. I have no idea where he is. I haven't heard one word or seen him. I asked one of his friends to ask him to text me when he would come for his stuff. Still nothing. I'm wondering what is going on. Is he plotting something? Does he just think I'm going to take him back (not ever!!!)? Why won't he come for his belongings? Should I be worried for my safety?
He said he would burn my house down?
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