What should I think from this text?

we have been broken up for a month and he texted me - don't think for a second that I just forgot about you! Everyday I think about you. I just think the timing is wrong I could even think of being with someone else..

what do you think?

how do you be a friend with a guy when your still in love with him but know he is the one and worth fighting for..


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  • Sometimes that goes on for a whole life. You may never get to be anything else but his friend, so don't press him too hard.

    it sounds like he's given it all a lot of thought and for whatever reason, has decided against continuing with you.

  • I think he loves you, but he wants to be alone for a while or maybe for a long time. I think you should try to enjoy his friendship if you think it's possible for you without hurting yourself. try to love him leting he free. it's hard, but if you can, it's the best. hope I helped.

    • How can I be his friend he broke up with me cause I was not supporting him.. I don't want to be pushy but I want him in my life.. do I text him or wait for him to text me.. any suggestions on how to be a friend..

    • If you gonna text him, tell him you understand and respect his decision. and then wait 2 weeks and call him or text him asking him to go out for o movie or something and make it clear you only wanna see him because he's such a nice friend. make clear you are not trying to take him back. but wait at least to weeks to do that. that's my sugestion. and by the way, wahy does he think you are not supporting him?

    • Well when I met him a year ago my life was a mess with my sons ex.. my grnadmother was dying to and I was doing a lot of traveling to do he took care of me but I was so involved with life that are relationship was on hold.. he put his life on hold for me too.. he got frustrated with that and my insecure ways.. I know I can't be withhim now for my sake also I need to work on my confidence otherwise it won't work with him.. I told him I cared about him and I would like to be friends so I should not

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