Became annoying ex boyfriend how do I recovery to get her to talk to me?

Constantly texting and calling her and her friend i want her back in my life but she doesn't want to be in mine I don't know what to do i dont want to move on we live in different towns and i want to see her face to face but she doesn't want to see me i really miss her i want her back in my life and im getting sicker and sicker losing lots of weight 😢 im hurting bad


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  • You need to focus on the rest of your life... friends, family, work/school, sports, hobbies, etc.


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  • My friend, thanks for writing in such an open and real way, it really feels like I can feel your feelings. Great job! And I know it’s awful when your love isn’t requited.

    However, I suggest you slowly turn yourself around and see this as a blessing. First of all, in reality, you don’t want to be with her. Here’s why: right now, she’s not wanting to see you or even talk to you. Now, does that sound like your ideal partner? No it doesn’t. I’m pretty sure your dream girl wants to be with you, enjoys your company and your communication etc. And even if she did come back to you right now, the space she’s in, she would leave right away again. Not the girl for you right now.

    So your job, I suggest, is to focus on yourself and try to imagine what kind of girl you want. Strange as it may sound, what produced this one, how you met her, was by having some positive expectation, excitement, a nice easy feeling about good things happening to you. And good things will again, once you re-establish this vibration.

    Yur ego wants information and wants to be right, wants closure. But all these things are not how you met her. You met her from your open heart and your eyes turned towards a bright future. So I suggest you go back there, back to that perspective. Whomever your next relationship is with, she will be as good as or better than this one.

    Try to find compassion for her perspective. She, just like you, is trying to make the best decisions that will lead her to happiness. Respect them and honor them. This is how it works.

    Does this make sense?

    • Thanks for these wise words brother i like this advice

  • Sorry, all I can say is is that she isn't interested. You always have a chance but she needs distance and time to get over you. Every time you try to contact her you are annoying her and giving her another reason to hate you. You need to stop pestering her and leave her alone and maybe try again in a few months. Right now you are totally making things worse.


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