Which is worse on a child, fighting parents or divorced parents?

Do you think it would be worse for a kid to endure a divorce between parents (they notice things are not working out after fighting between them and go their separate ways- still loving their children fully)... Or a kid to endure fighting parents, never divorced, being hateful towards eachother most of their marriage?

from a child's perspective. I see many people's lives get wary as soon as divorce hits their parents. For example, Kurt Cobain comes to mind because his parents divorced when he was young. He said he had a good childhood until then. (Of course "good" can mean anything). Since that divorce it had been hard on a boy like Kurt. He did do drugs and drop out of highschool. Perhaps a result that stemmed from the divorce? I know another woman who says after her mothers divorce her life almost went down the drain... Divorce brought upon a child is something that makes me intensely sympathetic and sad for a child.

and on the other hand there are some children that have never seen their parents happy together, but together none the less. In fact a girl I know once told me the first memory she has in her life (the earliest) was of her about 3 years old, peaking out down the hallway at night, watching her parents spit words at eachother. Not knowing what words REALLY meant, the intensity and volume made her shake. Watching her parent run down the hall with blood gushing all over their face, with the exact same drunk expression, drunk eyes, drunk frown that she sees almost every night. But her parents are still together. Still cheating, and drunken hatred. But at least they can say they have a whole family.

What do you think is generally worse on a child or the significance?

thank you.


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  • Both are equally painful to live and watch.
    I'm 18, and it is not until this day that my parents decided to divorce.
    I lived 18 years watching them fight and scream, and yell at each other, and then yell at me.
    And now in the stage-between, where the divorce isn't final and I move from one home to the other (I don't want to and can't move out for financial and personal reasons), I've seen a different type of hell.
    I get insults and yelled at from both sides.
    I'm caught telling him this and telling her that, not knowing who can drive me to college because I don't drive or have a car or license, not knowing when I can study and when they'll walk in and tell me the cruelest phrases.
    My answer is neither.
    Why get married when you never got along?
    Love is not enough
    it will never be enough to keep the house intact
    I have still yet to experience them divorced and maybe calmer, but my answer is that they should never have gotten married
    Be careful when you take such an important decision
    Have a good day, I hope my answer was helpful.


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  • Fighting parents literally no question here.

  • Divorce is better


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