Move from California to Alaska??

I live in California and I've lived here my whole life. I love the excitement warm weather and people but there’s one thing here that I can’t stand anymore, my mom. I've only got a year till I'm 18 but I'm positive that if I stay here with her for another year things are going to get worse than they already are. I love her but she doesn’t care about what anyone has to say and she yells as her way of talking, I've got 2 divorces to prove it.

My dad lives in Alaska and I would move but I'm scared.. it would mean leaving behind everything there is to do here (knots, water parks, beach, parties, Disneyland, warm weather...) and going to a place where its frigin cold, nothing to do, and not allot of people. I'm confused and not sure what to do, what do you say?


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  • The Anchorage area is not as cold as you might think, the ocean moderates the temperature. Dress appropriately, keep reminding yourself that it won't kill you, and you will adjust to a different climate.

    You should see what life is like in different places, but you shouldn't just run away from your mom. Explore your independence, move out or go traveling or whatever. Maybe you could share some dumpy apartment with a few friends (which often goes horribly wrong but it's a good experience anyway.)

    Consider a short term job that includes accommodations if you can find one.

    You'll probably find your mom tolerable in smaller doses.

  • College?


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