Breaking up with someone that I've only seen twice after talking to for months?

Six months ago my life was kind of a mess. I was living 1,500 miles away from home where I had moved for a guy that broke my heart and everyone I knew, I had met through him. I was depressed, the not getting out of bed, not eating, kind of depressed. I decided to move back home and in my loneliness set up an online dating profile to meet some nice guys from my home state while I still had a several months on my lease.

I met a wonderful guy that weekend and we began calling, texting, and skyping every night. It was nothing romantic really, just talk about our lives and things we wanted for our futures with an intention on going on a few dates when I got back.

With his support I was able to get my life back on track and actually better than it's ever been, I'm eating better, working out every day, and made lifelong friends with a group of people where I was staying.

But we've been out twice now that I've been back and I feel absolutely no chemistry with him. You can tell he clearly is very into me, and thinks all those things I've told him I want are a very real possibility. Marriage, kids, a house in the the country. And while I would have been happy to settle once upon a time, I want more now after everything I've been through.

Since we've been talking so long, it seems like he deserves something better than a quick text that it's not working which I would usually justify after two dates. But part of me feels like I should see him once more. I'm just not sure, he's a great guy and I would be more than happy to be with him, if I felt any romantic chemistry towards him. So how do I break up with someone in this situation?


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  • Just tell him the truth


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  • You should tell him you want to break up with him and explain to him what you just wrote.

  • Why string it out? If you're going to break it off, do it as quickly as possible. It will only get harder.


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