My female friend is getting divorced:) I secretly like her, but what can I text her?

She said it would be better to divorce, why can that be? We are good friends? She's also going through a rough time. What or how can I help her? We are both 26


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  • Don't try to get with her just yet. You may become a rebound if it's too soon and given that she's just divorcing, it is probably too soon. Your time will come though 😊

    They must have been having marital problems obviously. But it could have been any number of things.

    They could have been constantly fighting.
    They may have grown apart.
    He may have really hurt her somehow.
    She may have fallen for someone else.
    He could be different than he was when they got married and vise versa.

    To help her you can be there for her. Tell her "I am sorry that you're going through a hard time. I know though that if you think divorce is best, then it is best. You deserve to be happy. Is there anything that I can do for you? Can I get you anything?" Things like that. If she comes to you crying, let her. Hold her hand and hug her. If she wants to vent to you and complain to you let her. If she wants you to give her advice, give her honest advice. Don't tell her to divorce because you have feelings for her. Just give her honest straight forward advice. Always ask her "What can I do for you?" Or "what can I get for you?" "How are you doing?" If she says "I'm okay." Or "I'm fine" ask her "how are you really doing?" Usually when a woman says "I am fine" she is not lol

    Those are all ways to be there for her though. If you do all that, you will not go unnoticed. My husband still does things like this and gets things for me and helps me with what he can, and till this day I still notice and it still means the world to me.

    One more thing! If she doesn't want to talk about it, don't push her! Just say, "I understand if you don't want to talk about it, as long as you know when you're ready to I am here."

    • thank you very much for your help! but what can i text her tomorrow? i won't get friendzoned lol

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    • Sorry if I made it sound so serious haha! Do you think she will be okay?

    • lol it's okay! Well when the word "divorce" is brought up, it gives me an image of two people who were in love and got married and then things went bad haha I think she should be. I mean she might be sad because marrying that guy played a big part in her life, but as long as she didn't love him she should be okay.

  • Look this isn't wise. You should be figuring out why the divorce is happening instead of looking to get with her. Divorce is not a pretty picture, and studies have shown that over 25% of divorcees actually regret divorce within 5 years after. Overall there may be some things that she is not talking about and is secretive. Most divorces if it was abusive are fixable. But the point is does she wants to fix it? Unless it was adultery, I'm sure it could be fixed if it wasn't abuse, an affair or cheating. Lack of sex shouldn't be an issue as long as they are constantly having sex. Arguments are not the end of the world. You learn to be nice to each other and debate fairly. Again, If she is going through a ruff time and claiming how it's best to just divorce, that means its more and likely what I just said. That it's fixable and neither one or the other wants to fix it.

    That is not the kind of person you want to date or be involved with. Because god forbid you date her, say you get into a debate or something. If she doesn't want to fix it or want out, you'll be in it for nothing all because of a crush, instead of using common sense. Also be extremely careful. Because she can and may use you as a rebound to get her husband back!

    • I think she's the one doing the divorce. She said ''I'm getting divorced soon and it's very good'' over text she just dosent get along with him, i think they always argue

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    • @feminismisnarcissism I get it, my dad went through the same thing with my sister's mom. She is so obsessive and possessive over my father, yet she wanted nothing to do with me or my late mother. Now its a pretend thing since her death because she sees my dad is doing good now financially. He's retired, brings back a good check. And now she wants in after over 24 years. Just keep your sanity as much as possible.

    • ya, I'm okay now... I healed myself and found a girl who is really sweet and loving... I'd actually forgotten what real intimacy was like. My marriage nearly destroyed me-but now I'm rebuilt and much more stable and confident than i was when I got married-so in a way i consider the ex my best friend (despite her attempt to destroy me)... just from a DISTANCE mind you lol. Whatever happens to us-it's how WE DEFINE ourselves from it that matters.

  • Help her go through it and we she's healed from the break up approach to her romantically


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