I wish life was like a movie, it would be easier to get him back that way. Why can't feelings always be mutual?

This break up has been hard on me. My ex and I had plenty of fights but we had just as many good times. Most of the fights were really stupid. over a month ago we broke up. At the time of the break up he told me to never contact again and he wanted nothing to do with me. However I decided to text him two weeks later. I asked for a second chance and he didn't want it. I asked to be friends and he said with time we could.

why he wanted to officially end it was because he didn't love me like I loved him. He tried so hard to because he finally found someone who loved every little thing about him. Which I did I loved the way his eyes lit up as he rambled on and on about his computer stuff. I loved his happy trail. I loved the way his bottom lip stuck out a bit so he always looked like he was pouting a bit. I loved watching him get excited and happy when he won a match in rocket league I loved hearing him talk about his family and how protective he was over his baby cousins.

the worse part of this break up was how he told me that I did absolutely nothing wrong. It was all him because he'd just get annoyed with every little thing. He'd have a short temper and everything had to go his way and he didn't think it was fair of him to keep me around because i loved him and that's what he wants out of life is someone to love but it's not fair because he doesn't feel the same.

It sucks a lot, there's no way for me to win him back. It's all him. I wish I did something wrong so then I would know how to fix it but the only way to fix this is to change his brain or change myself into being the perfect person for him which I have tried before but it was the worse thing for me. I wish I had done something because then I'm not sitting here wondering what is wrong with me or why someone I love so deeply doesn't feel the same about me. I did everything he wanted to. I cancelled plans to be with him I fought so many times with my best friend to be with him and none of it was good enough.


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  • A friend of mine recently traveled across the country to visit and, he hoped, conquer a love interest of his. But it didn't go that way: she rejected his advances and he called me in teas from a hostel. She had thrown him out to boot.

    Fast forward a few months, he is dating somebody he has pined for even longer, but whom he thought was unattainable. This one is a much better fit according to him and everything about her makes him forget his earlier fiasco.

    Therefore, it wasn't a fiasco; it would have been highly undesirable in retrospect to have been involved with the first one and perhaps not even be around when the "new" one made advances. You could also say that the failure prepared him for this girl

    So don't cry. There REALLY is a MUCH better fit right around the corner for you. Remember: "infinite patience yields instant results" - Wayne D. Dyer.

    I hope this helps a bit.


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  • Look, I understand the pain. But you need to let it go. And let him move on with his life. There is nothing to go back to. It ended for a good reason. And all you two would be doing is doing this over and over again. Why relive the hurt and have this hinder the rest of your life. That is not healthy. No, you don't need your life like some movie. That's the worse thing you could ever want. He was honest and he told you the truth. The problem was, you obviously was so smitten with him you never noticed the signs. It was always there, but maybe because of you willingly giving your heart naively to somebody you couldn't be too sure of for either of you, you more and likely missed it or chose to ignore it.


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  • Yeah, that sucks. I wish I could put it in different terms, but I can't. As you point out, it's all him. You attached more to him than he did to you, and thus, gave him the upper hand. There's nothing wrong with you. You can't make someone love you. I've learned this the hard way more than once. No matter what you do, it will never be enough. *softly* I know this is hard to hear; but the best thing to do is walk away. I know it's going to be tough. But it's the best for both of you.


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