Blocked My Ex and now I can't get him out of my head. What is he thinking?

So my ex and I dated about a year ago and I broke up with him about 2 months later. Then this past spring we started talking again and would talk for hours every day for about 4 months. We grew really close and developed feelings for each other again. I thought we were going to get back together until he started dating this other hot chick because I wouldn't put out lol. Then he started treating me like shit. I have enough self respect not to tolerate being constantly disrespected, strung along, and taken for granted so I just decided to cut him out of my life. I blocked him from everywhere without giving him closure or any sort of warning. I just blocked him. End of story. It's been 6 weeks of absolutely no contact whatsoever and for some reason I can't get him out of my head. Even though he was a completely shallow douche, I find myself missing the little things about him: his voice, his humor, etc. I'm pretty sure he doesn't give a damn about me but I'm so curious. What were his thoughts? And more importantly how can I get him out of my head?


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  • The best way to get over some one is to get under some one else


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  • Okay I have definitely been here before. I'm gonna tell you a story, okay? I don't really speak about this much, but I feel you need to hear it. I dated this guy named Shawn in 7th grade. We flirted all the time, and one day he asked me out and I said yes. He would write these love letters to me and tell me he loves me and all that. Back then I was very shy but very romantic. I would write him deeper love letters a lot. But that's just how I showed affection. About 2 months later, he sent a mutual friend to break up with me for him. I was so in shock I literally started laughing. I swear I laughed for like 10 minutes before I started bawling. About a week later, he wanted his friend Clarence to talk to me for him so I told his Clarence straight up, "if he wants to talk to me he needs to come talk to me himself." A few days after that, in the courtyard he was telling everyone how obsessed I was with him. I was pissed when I herd that and confronted him and started cursing his ass out. He started walking backwards away from me but I followed as I threw every word in the book out there. He never bothered me again until... 9th grade. Yup. Lucky me had not one, but TWO classes with him. Freshman year we had 3 classes a day. We had A day, which was period 1,3, and 5. And we had B day which was period 2,4,6. So the first day of school was A day. I had 5th period with him (Science) and you can imagine how pissed off I was to see him. I don't remember clearly, but I don't think we spoke that class. The next day was our first B day, and I was happy both first classes and then he walked into 6th period (Algebra 1). You can imagine how pissed I was that day too. Well a few days passed and rumors had gone around that he had been a douche bag to this girl, which made me even more pissed. He confronted me about my hatred towards him so I let him have it. In the end he ended up storming out of the classroom after telling me I had no right to judge him. So I went home, and did a lot of thinking. I was a Christian at the time so I prayed. Well after a few hours of thinking about it, I realized I had never really gotten over him. I still had feelings for him and I was only pissed because he had broken my heart. No, he had crushed my heart. Well I decided to let go of the anger, and give him a clean slate. We ended up becoming good friends and I ended up telling him I really liked him. Well a couple days later I find out AFTER I told him that, he started going out with my

    • BEST friend. I was PISSED. He didn't understand why of course. Well a week passed and I let it go. She was happy so I was happy for her. Well she lost feelings for him and dumped him. That was right around homecoming. Well I went to homecoming with a friend of mine and I decided I was going to dress gorgeously and make him see what he was missing out on. And sure enough that night he saw me and literally did a double take and his jaw dropped. He came and hung out with me and my friends the rest of the night. Of course it was awesome. The next day guess what he did? Asked me out lol I was so happy. We told eachother how much we loved eachother. We were together for 2 months and in that time a mutual friend (who loved him too, she was an ex of his) told me he asked her if he could take her virginity, which I chose not to believe and chalked it up to she was jealous. When we broke up, it was because he just needed a break because he was grieving the loss of his grandmother. Well a week

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    • I know it hurts. I know it's hard. I know you want to cry. I know you ache for him. I know you miss him. I know you're angry at him. I know your heart yearns for him. But sweetheart PLEASE. Take it from someone who has been there before. STAY AWAY from him. He will only hurt you and you deserve better. How do you get over him? You stay busy. You work on yourself. Work on being a better person for YOU. Don't do it for him. Do not do ANYTHING for him. Do things for YOU. Get your hair done, get your nails done, see a movie by yourself, hang out with friends. Focus on grades and friends.

    • It may take you a while to get over him, but honey please, listen to my advice. ❤️

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  • He's probably thinking about bacon and his car. Or maybe football.


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  • Well, i've been through nearly the same scenarios which @imbisexual19 went through, we were together for almost 3 years and he also dated/flirted with my bestfriend, we broke up and got back together many times within these 3 years, i even blocked him for a 11 months and he came running back begging me to get back together in the begininng of 2016 and look at us now, we broke up a month and a half ago and what was his excuse after all? That he wasn't reay for marriage and didn't want to waste my years hoping that he might change his mind, even told be that it would be better for us not to talk again at all. Here are the two stories of us in front of you, my only problem is, i never told him no, i couldn't, but now i regret it, so please since you've blocked him, make up your mind that you never gonna wait for him to reach out to you or want him back, just try as hard as you can, plus time can make you feel okay living without him in your life. I hope i helped you in anything.

    • Oh my goodness this sounds so much like my story. Asker, please PLEASE take into account what we've both said. What we say comes out of love and concern! Please don't waist anymore time on him, no matter how hard it is.

    • @Imbisexual19 yess..

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