Need advice on ex?

I just need advice on what I'm feeling or to do, or lack there of. So my ex and I broke up 9 months ago, couldn't tell you why other than she kepted telling me she was different and changed but would still tell me she loved and missed me and would be better if we were the way we use to be. She did tell me that she was seeing a girl shortly after, so I'm assuming she was dealing with a lot of confusion. So I asked her if we would be together if she was back home with me and not in the military. I said I just felt we would be, but if the answer was no, tell me. She would answer it, only respond with a, you know I'm always here to listen to you. That was the last we talked till August when I found out she got engaged to the girl. I told her congratulations and she tried talking to me about what I had been up to, telling me she talked to me step dad when she was back in our home town. At that point I was pissed cause I was outta the loop and felt betrayed by my step dad and annoyed with her knowing I moved and got a new job without actually having to talk to me. So I asked her to take my credit card off her rhapsody account and she said she would. But she didn't, I had to cancel it. I still don't get that one. And now I just miss the hell out of her and want to tell her that I love her and miss her and if it was guilt eating her cause she was unfaithful to me we can talk about it. This past month I just get these strong urges to say hi or check on her. Unlike the previous 9 months in some weird way I can't put my finger on. It may be just my imagination or it may be something. I'm open to any comments and thoughts to my situation. Even though most will probably be move on?
Need advice on ex?
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