My ex was a lying piece of shit hole. Hw to deal with it?

He says that he livd in diffrnt, had varous affairs - even slept /w the sister of grl he was datin that time to get back to her. He even faked a girl was living at his place 2 make me jealous and that he hd a brain surgery to remove tumor. All of whch & many more lies which i recntly found was fake. How do I deal with lies bein told me?


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  • You don't deal with them. There is no point in dealing with lies, and the person lying to you.

    • dats true. u r rite. one of his friend from college who go in contact with me told me about all this recently. actually, what he told me is more that this guys is pathetic, mentally deranged & 1 on the most fake personality ever. his teach from the uni discussing him to this friend revealed that he is also making his mum and dad's life miserable. he is even a pervert. but i guess life does justice, since he failed his college. he will never be able to do his college studies again, ever. so i guess life's olready started punishing him for that in that sense 4 his sins. I regret wasting 1 year of my life on this faketard. at least i'm etting some justice now.

  • Never talk to him again and move on.


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