My ex had moved on to a tramp!!! Need some advice pleas?

So my ex has moved on to the really slutty really trappy really ugly not even joking!!! She's horrid it actually insults me only thing she has is money and a good job but mostly cause she came from a really rich family typical Asian just like my ex. Got everything handed on a plate. Why I need help I'm suffering in my life when I met my ex I was confident happy I knew what I wanted in life I was humble I was passionate. I fell for him bad and he was really controlling judgmental rude and really put me down. He used to argue with me and tell me how what I worse was unacceptable, how I dressed how I looked, he had major insecurities and issues typical Asian!!! He was so controlling with my social media always had a comment towards everything. as a person myself I don't drink I don't smoke and I hardly go out clubbing! Whenever I said to my ex I miss going out I wanna go dancing he used to FLIP!!! You wanna go clubbing you want attention who stayes to a club till 3pm. He was the only guy I had been with my first boyfriend and the only guy I had sex with and he knew all of this but he didn't like when I was confident and he didn't like when I was insecure or should him my vulnerabilities!! But now the girl he is going with is a SLUT!!! Had past boyfriend her Instagram is sooooo trappy half naked picks alcohol she has trappy tattoos they way she talks is so foul she has no class trappy photos in bikini in Vegas! My ex made me delete all photos of my holiday and when I even posted a photo of my face he used to say why do you post it for attention! I don't understand!!! He fucked me over and settled for a tramp just for money. He is very rich but not in a nice humble way very egotistical very rude very aggressive person! I just want to vomit how he messed me over broke my heart and put me down soooo much he even said I had a bad upbringing and I have a shit job and a shit degree! I just feel like I want to run away. I'm scared of like and so unhappy! Help pleas


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  • why should you care what your ex does. he's your EX!

    • Cause he hurt me and put me down and messed me up and my confidence I don't care what he does or who he is with he downgraded to an actual trap after messing me up so much cause he was soooooo insecure!!! What I care about now is my health my attitude towards like he changed me as a person I was so humble so healthy so greatful so positive now I worry everyday about money about my career I feel judged I feel lost I feel useless and not good enough!!' Money money money that's all I think about cause of my ex he just pushed and pushed and pushed me down

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  • It's what exes do.

    My ex of five years and me were buying a house. Suddenly lost feelings.

    And a few weeks later he is with a 23 year old with a six year old kid who doesn't work and lives in a council flat.


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  • Umm simple, Forget about him. His life has literally nothing to do with yours, and based on how controlling he was, he wasn't good for you.

  • The fact that you're caring this much about him means he wins. Let him go.

  • Dang!!! Bitter much?

    • Trust me he was horrible to me really messed me up!!! It's cause he is a hypocrite he tried to change me and said I wasn't good enough judged me as a person judged my character put me down I tried to be that respectable classy girl I mean I always was i met him since I was 18 and since then I was always good to him! He was an asshole!!! But looking now at who he goes with is is just messed up! Two weeks ago he mesg me after not hearing from him and said slutty profile pick it was only a photo of me at the beach and it was only a profile pick I hadn't posted it anywhere else so I deleted it quickly mesg him like what is your problem.., he was sluttyy for a girl who has only been with one guy! What the actual fuck!!! That was two weeks ago and today I found out this actual joke!!! Honestly she is really ugly and trappy he judged me and his sister and family judged me that I wasn't good enough but this I don't get!! I know it's only about money though just cause she's rich

    • Bitter..

    • When we were together also he had a wondering eye he would constant stare at other girls make me feel insecure, he would always search up girls and people from his past on social media! Once I told him can you pleas remove that girl from your past... He turned around and said why are you intimidated! After he made me delete over 200 people on my Instagram! So controlling I know I had a lucky escape but I just feel like shit cause he messed me up sooooo bad that I lost my confidence and doubted myself

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