She lives in North Dakota, I live in Illinois.

Hey girls this girl I really like moved to north Dakota I'm in Illinois and she said she really likes me help

so anyway my name is Chris and this girl that I like is Jacie well she lives in North Dakota I live in Illinois and she told me I'm her everything and I'm number 1 in her life and she told me she likes me and soon as I move up there were going to date I've never felt this way about a girl before she's something really special and the great thing is she feels the same way but how do I make reservations there were both 18 I'm gonna try to get a job I'm a junior in high school she's a senior so she's gonna graduate but I'm gonna get a job really soon I'm getting hired next week but how can I make reservations up there should I get a hotel or a apartment please help me with all of this tell me what I should do cause I really like her she's the world to me


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