I broke off our online relationship and regret it. What do I do?

4 months ago I met a girl online through playing the same online game and we started to flirt and hang out a lot together. It got crazy really fast and we hit it off always texting each other everyday. After 3 months into whatever relationship we had I sensed she was being distant towards me. She started making excuses to not voice chat me anymore and stopped saying goodbye. After about a week of this cold behavior, I confronted her about it and she said I was just being too emotional and sensative. I asked her if she even cared about us and she just responded " I care about my friends". That sentence shocked me. All that flirting, texting, and intimate moments meant to her that we were just friends? She even jokes about us getting old together and getting married. I was shocked and just said " I'm done, we can't hang out anymore." It's been a month with no contact with her after that argument and I feel miserable. Trying to move on and date other girls but she's always on my mind. Deep down I don't want to move on, I want her instead. Yesterday and 2 weeks before she just leaves the server and joins another if I join the same one as her. I didn't want to appear clingy so I just stay in the server and she joins back cause that server was popular then she leaves immediately finding out I was still here. What do I do? I want her back, but I don't know how to start.


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  • All you can do is explain how you feel. Tell her how much you regret it.

    She may feel the same or may not, but it's better to know if you still stand a chance with her. Rejection is only a temporary statment, but what's" if "and if only""is an endless question.

    You can move on if it's not what she wants, but you'll never know unless you tell her

  • It's going to hurt for a while but you're doing the right thing by not following her. You'll get over it in time. Best to just do things that won't remind you of her, even if that means unplugging for a while.

    • I don't want to lose her permanently. Is there any way to get her back?

    • It's been a month. She has her reasons. Reasons we don't know. It's time to start taking care of you.

  • aww I'm sorry to hear this.. try and telling her you are sorry and you miss her this might work


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