I'm seeing this guy 6 months now and he's moving.

I'm seeing this guy Gavin 6 months now and its being great we text all time he rings me to chat , I went out to his house lots of times watched dvds and stayed over the night obviously were intimate its fun and I love having a laugh with him now recently my mind has changed and so has his we started to ask this ? were is this going so we told each other we liked each other and we wanted to take the next step we went out on drives talked got something to eat hangout sort of thing he said he loved me couple weeks later on and I said it to it was out of the blue so we said we give it a go see how it goes he wasn't working and that managed to turn around so he working down the country now last night he said he's moving and that he still wants us to work on the relationship but I think its going to be difficult because he lives in navan and I don't drive and nor does he kinda what should I do ?


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  • If you really love and care about this guy, no harm trying :)


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