Why doesn't this make me sick?

my ex and I broke up a month ago and we are still friends on social media we had a good break up there wasn't any anger with it just him breaking my heart. Anyways, I was scrolling through fb and on my feed he popped up that he's not friends with some girl and I was just on there again and now it has a pic of the girl on her and that my ex recently liked her picture. It put a pit in my stomach and I feel the need to throw up. Why does this bother me so much? I don't understand.


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  • Don't know but if you think you can be friends with an ex then I've got some beachfront property in Arizona to sell you

    • ? We've tried to be friends we don't really speak to each other. He doesn't like me that way WHERE as I do so I'm trying not be all clingy to him or force hi. To talk to me and whatnot.

    • Give it up. He's an ex. It didn't work and never will. Get over it and move on

    • I know hence why I haven't spoken to him. I'm not planning on trying to win him back or anything like I don't want him. I'm just annoyed and confused with the fact that seeing him befriend other girls online makes me feel sick.

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  • Because you care about him. That is strange. That happened to me as well about a month ago... An ex never blocked me, only de friended me so then when the thing comes up People you may know, I saw his pic... I almost got sick to my stomach... I wish he would have blocked me, but I think he doesn't so he can still look at me, because I keep everything open to the public


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