Should I or shouldn't I?

My ex and I have been talking and I feel there is a strong chance of getting back together. We met up on Monday and it was fun and flirty. Hand holding and big smiles. talk about him missing me and more smiles. It has been a couple of days with very little contact. Should I text him and see how he feels about another meeting?


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  • Dont directly ask him if he wants to hang out again.

    I think you should play around with the situation and see where he wants to go with this. Mention you enjoyed the other day when you got the chance to catch up and reconnect and you should do it again sometime.. and then let him take the lead. If he says you should then try and get him to set up a time and place.. it might just turn out to be a date if he's plays his cards the right way.

    Try not to be the one to text him first but let him text you.. That way you can tell if he really wants to talk to you, or if he's just being nice. He might be thinking the friend-zone while you are thinking more.


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