How do I save my friendship?

So I dated my best friend but then I lost feelings so I broke up with him because i didn't wanna stay in a relationship and lie to him I care about him to much so then he was crushed and asked me for space so he could get over it, I gave him the space and then later on I texted him to ask about us and then we got in a huge argument about the break up and how we were both feeling I ended up saying sorry like a thousand times and writing him this whole letter thing because I don't see him a lot at school so we wouldn't be able to talk in person but we haven't talked since the letter was given (the letter was full of apologies and saying how i didn't want our friendship to end and hoping he could forgive me) now I don't know what to do i really dont wanna lose him, he's my best friend and i love him (as a friend) what do I do, how do i save my friendship.


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  • Since you guys where best friends, it will take him long to get over... If you really want to save your friendship, respect his actions at this period. If he want's distance, give him distance :) When HE decides you guys can be friends again, then so be it. (from a guy that broke up with his best friend)

    • It's hard, and you have to accept it. But keep going with your life, never stop doing what you love and so on!

    • thanks for the advice

What Girls Said 1

  • Unfortunately you have to let him decide that. He needs the space to move on from your relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend. You just got to let him choose if he can let you back into his life.


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