Is this the right choice?

There's this guy who is the first guy I ever told "I love you." to. We've been together for almost over a year, but for the past month and a half, we've been kinda off. He's been acting different and a few days ago he told me that he's falling for his girl best friend. He gave me a bunch of reasons to why we're not good for each other and how she's been there for him for everything, but he tells me he still loves me and will always care for me. He also said he doesn't want to date either of us because it's not fair, so he's not choosing anyone. But I think I might tell him to be with his best friend instead because she's been there for him, comforted him when we were fighting, and she grew up with him. It hurts me a lot, but I've felt a bit happier when we broke up because lately I've been sad because of our relationship, and even though I don't like this I think it's best. We still talk today, but am I making the right decision by telling him to be with her?
Is this the right choice?
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