Ex changes his mind and then says if I want to talk he will listen. Should I just tell him? why am I so nervous?

When we broke up it was hard on me, and it still is to a point bc i saw us growing together and things were good as he thought so too. After the bu we did have sex a few times this summer. In August one night i was over and he asked how i felt with everything i told him the truth how I felt and he didn't think we should continue doing that. he texted me that and then awhile later it changed again and we were right back at it having sex again. That happened a few times but its stopped now. he told me it was unfair to both of us and it would be best if we just be freinds with nothing else. Its hard to stay freinds with an ex and im not really sure what that all means. I can't really do that. Well I haven't really answered him and then he texted me asking if i got the text and I just told him sorry have been thinking about a lot. He told me if i wanted to talk about anything he is willing to listen. I have a lot i want to say to him since the bu that i think just did not go a good way but I don't know if i want to say it. I need it off my chest but im not sure. He told me if i need to talk to someone he will listen. What should I do? Just tell him how I felt and that's it since i never really was able to.


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  • Leave him. He broke your heart once, he won't hesitate to do it again.


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