Boyfriend wants my best friend Advice?

My ex boyfriend (he broke up with me and never told me) we have been seeing each other for about a year and we were very much in love or at least I thought we were. He is in the military and always on assignment so I always had to wait for him to come back home. We made our relationship work and we were the cutest couple all everyone could talk about is how much we loved each other and how much they wanted us to get married. For a military couple everyone said that we worked things out the best and that nothing was going to split us. He promised me that when he got back from deployment we were going to spend more time with each other and he gave me a promise ring because he was considering us being together forever. We were inseperible and all we did was hang out with each other when we had time to see each other. One day I messaged him to invite him to my birthday party because we had not talked to each other for a while because he was getting ready to leave on deployment. He did not respond to my message and ended up missing my birthday party so by this time I am sad but I understand that he is busy and has military things to do and I ignore it.2 weeks go by and he is not talking. My best friend messages me yesterday telling me about this cute guy she is talking to and how he claims that he knows me she shows me the pic of this guy and it is my boyfriend blowing her kisses i'm like"What the fuck is this bitch doing with my man?"so he messages her on tinder talking about me saying that we are not together anymore because he caught me cheating (lie) and that I told him I did not want him anymore because he has a small dick (lie). Then when he finds out that she is my best friend he cleans it up by saying that I was too boring and quiet for him so it was not going to work because he needs a woman that is outgoing and someone that wants to be with him and asked her out telling her that she better be better than I was to him and she accepted. Advice?


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  • Well it looks like he's not really your boyfriend and your best friend isn't really your best friend. Please, break up with both of them and move on.


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  • looks like she's not your best friend anymore. thats f'd up. get rid of the both of them and move on.


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