Why can't my ex move on if he doesn't want serious commitments?

He wanted to see me recently & I was curious to see him to. But we ended up sleeping together on two occasions, so I text him that i felt sad and rubbish for doing that, because it seems like we're just using each other & I care about him. A few days later he said it would be nice to do something on the Sunday, and I said could do. Also I'd give him his bag back I borrowed for my laptop. We never met up, and I said it was probably not a good idea as we're not together & want different things, so it won't work.

He text me last week that he actually does need the bag back & can get it on the weekend. I asked him yesterday if he wanted to meet somewhere in between, & he said he was kind of hoping I would stay over. I got annoyed & he said he must have got his wires crossed & he respects me so much. He just loves to please me & thinks about it a lot. He thought that's what I wanted. I said that's all he wants & he said it's not true, he loves holding me & cuddling me. We don't have to sleep together. He guesses he must have a silly soft spot for me & needs to move on & work on it.

I said, so he just wants to see me every weekend until we find someone new, and he said no, why can't we be adults and be together, but he didn't mean to upset me. He said get home safe and good night to me.

When i was last with him, he just holds me & it's nice, & he got jealous about some guy at my new job, but he doesn't want a relationship & He's 33 soon & not going to change. I know he's not that guy that will plan a normal future who you can rely on.
Why can't my ex move on if he doesn't want serious commitments?
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