I think my dad's cheating.. help?

I went through my dad's phone and somehow accidently opened his texts.. i was about to go back when i saw that he's been fooling around (not physically well i hope not) with someone else and i was shocked/speechless/furious/scared everything really. The first thing i thought was i needed to tell mom but we were really having a good time atm dad's always attentive and all and it breaks me to know that i have this piece of info with me.. im scared that if i told her surely everything will go down and they'll fight and im just scared that what if my family won't be whole anymore but in the same time it's not fair for my mom.. i've been acting like I don't know anything and carry on but i'll cry every night wishing that i really know nothing.. what should i do?


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  • Here's what you do...

    Talk to him about it first! Trust me, if he has his daughter approach him he will be far less combative and confrontational. Just tell him you weren't snooping and it was an honest mistake. However, ... after reading what you read it "scares you" because it looked like he has a girlfriend. AND Just Leave THAT With him. DO not be the one to tell your mom. That could put you in the middle of a volatile situation. So give him a chance to explain "whatever is really happening". I assure you, if there's anything going on, the guilt trip you just planted will make him re-evaluate himself. And it may save the marraige "IF" he really is cheating. But he's innocent until proven guilty. Personally I send raunchy and perverted texts to both my male and female friends so it's all about the context of the conversation if you're talking about cheating. Either way, speak up to him in a "concerned" tone of voice.


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  • "somehow accidentally.." lol sure


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