Lost faith in love! What do you think?

After she left I was broken , it feels like my heart is torn apart , smattering pieces..
and I lost faith in love and feelings , I became a very cold and harsh
I don't believe in all of these things
What do you advise me to do?
How should I deal with it?


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  • You have not lost hope in love. You are simply heartbroken. Instead of thinking about what she is no longer offering you, spend it analyzing what caused this change? Why did she dump you? Why it didn't work out? In the toughest of situations that life throws at you, true love cannot break. Always keep in mind that partners regret leaving. Sometimes when the anger and hurt die down they realize what they lost. Sometimes their pride may not allow them to pick up the phone and say so. So... instead of getting all Romeo on us, really think about this relationship. Pull yourself together. Did she have a change of heart on her own or was she tired of waiting for you to change something? Analyze and move forward. It's not all about you.


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  • You answered your own question my friend. How does the loss of faith feel? Pretty much the same way as the breakup right? Baaaaaad……

    So leave it. Do this experiment: think of a German shepherd lying by the roadside, having just been hit by a car. Now, picture a beautiful garden full of flowers and bushes, and all your favorite people there. That was pretty easy to do right?

    Next time you’re thinking about the breakup, choose a different thought, such as: I’ll bet something better is on its way to me right now.

    A very good friend of mine was recently very excited to go visit a long term love interest on the east coast. However, he called me in tears from a youth hostel 24 hours later: she had rejected his advances and sent him packing, literally…he had two days until his flight home. He wasn’t happy…

    Just a few weeks ago, a woman he considered out of his league, invited him on a trip. He went and now they’re dating and she asked him if he would consider moving in with her. I know all the silver lining crap has been so oversold…but it’s really true. I say to him: aren’t you glad that other girl rejected you? What if you’d been living in Boston now?

    So try to relax and think better thoughts, as good as you can, then better and better. Great things are coming down the pike, so enjoy all of it…

    Hope this helps…


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  • A broken heart should believe in love more than anyone..

  • Why did she leave you?

  • After my ex dumped my, on our year and a half anniversary, I was devastated. I not even joking I was that person who stayed in bed for a week and cried, but you have to be happy. After I finally put my life back in order I decided I wanted to be happy. Truly happy. I started dating again and at first it felt like eating straw. Distasteful and gross but little by little I began to feel again. That's how I met my amazing boyfriend and I love him to pieces. You just have to put yourself out there again.


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