Cops were involved, how can I still get him back?

This is bad, so bad. We've been together for 7 years and he's taken care of me and my health problems. Living in New York broke us though. Things got physical and I ran away to stay with family. But we'd been talking and working things out. I came back a month later to find he'd been living with another woman, it was bad but we were still working things out. We slept together and rekindled our relationship. We moved separately back down to his hometown, and he said on Saturday that he was driving back up to NY to get some stuff, would be back on Tues and we would start over. Tues he says he's bringing the other woman back to live with him and his family. I send a million angry texts freaking out like wtf! I ask for my things back and he blocks me on everything. I jump in a cab, go to his house, his brother comes out threatening me and I call the cops. It's just more bad news from there. Now it's Sunday and we're at full block-out and I can't breathe.

Please, I don't want it to end like this. I want him back no matter what it takes. How do I get my family back?
Cops were involved, how can I still get him back?
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