He left without saying goodbye...why?

Guy I really came to like worked at my school. We had a connection from day 1 and he flirted with me a lot and really opened up. He has had a tough past, especially with cheating girlfriends so he is very guarded. We never hung out outside of our common ground.

I found out through a mutual friend that he had his last day of work last week, I thought it was weird he didn't tell me. WHY wouldn't he tell me it was his last day?! Now I'll never see him :(

I don't have his number but we are MySpace friends. Should I contact him that way? What should I say that wouldn't be awkward? PLEASE HELP ME!


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  • well he doesn't no you that well and tat may be why he didn't tell you his personal stuff. even if he likes u. and never ask for the number if he's interested he'd give it to u...but hey you could get it throu mutual...depends and mayb jus give him ur number on MySpace and tell him to text or call you some time


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