How do I deal with his ex? please help!!!

me and my boyfriend have been dating for a year now, and a pregnant with our first child. his ex is crazy! she hates me because she thinks I stole her man. she left him 4 times in 6 months to have a "relationship" with his best friend. when he was done fighting for her, I moved into the picture being more then the friend that we were. anyways, since we have been together, she hasn't stopped trying to get him back. she sends dirty pictures of herself to his phone all the time, and texts that claims that she still loves him and wants to be with him. did I mention they have 3 kids together? anyways, he was caught up about 9 months ago when he cheated on me and had sex with her twice! I love him! I left my husband to be with him! I know I'm no saint but really, why do I have to go through such torture?! well, she is still sending him texts and claims that they still mess around even on days when I know he didn't. but the fact that it has happened before bothers me and makes me question what we are doing. my doctor had to put me on antidepressants to deal with it, and its not helping much. he claims he only talks to her and stuff like that is so that he can keep seeing his kids because she threatens to keep him from them. no custody ordered. what do I do? what do I trust? please help!


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  • All I can say is try to make the best of it. Sounds like you hooked up with a guy in a pretty messy situation and you will probably continue to feel the pain for a long, long time. He may very well have sex with her again, he may leave you for someone else, who knows, maybe you will leave him for someone else. I am not really hearing anything in your story that sounds like a bunch of stable, responsible people are involved, so anything could happen. I am not hating, just seeing there isn't much you can do about it.


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