Why did he play with my emotions like this?

My ex and I "got back together" for two and a half weeks.

Then he broke my heart all over again.

I am devastated because I wanted him so badly to come back to me. And then it was looking like we were actually going to start over and he told me he loved me and I believed him. So. Much.

Then he tells me he doesn't think we should continue.

If you're on the fence about someone like he obviously was with me, WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU PLAY SUCH A WICKED MIND GAME LIKE THAT? I want to believe that he really does want to get back together and that he just got scared or something. But what do you think is going on here?

(I'm sorry all I do on here is ask the same damn question over and over. I want a lot of peoples' opinions because I've never been so confused about anything in my entire life.)


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  • An ex is an ex for a reason. Walk away and don't look back. Remember them with fondness but never go back. In doing so you run the possibility of forever destroying every good memory you ever had


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  • It sounds like you "got back together" long enough to have sex, then after he got the booty he bounced.

    He did it because he is an asshole. some people don't deserve your trust but karma is a bitch.

    Plant drugs in his car then call the police on him. That'll teach him LOL

  • Well, you have to stop thinking with a desperate mind and start thinking with a clear head. Why did you guys break up? You don't have to answer me here... that's for you to ask and answer yourself. Why did you two break up the first time? Did you do anything to change behavior that led to the first breakup?

    When he returned, did you simply take him back or did you guys talk about what you guys wanted out of this? Did the same behaviour that caused the first breakup continued? If you do not change, you will be getting into an endless cycle of making up and breaking up because none of you are learning a lesson. Think clearly to make a good choice.


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