Why did my ex unblock me on Facebook?


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  • Why do you ask? If you're uninterested in him then bother asking why.


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  • they were probably looking at your profile to "check up" on you
    im ashamed to admit it but i did it with my ex and immediately regretted it, i re-blocked him as soon as i could tho, so i guess check to see if they reblock you in 48 hours and that will be a dead giveaway that they just reblocked you to check up on you

    • no he didn't reblock me... what do you think it means then?

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    • so in a way he might still think of me?

    • he might but there's no way to know for sure, honestly he seems like a jerk so i wouldn't worry about it too much, if i were you i might just simply block him tbh, he doesn't seem like the sort of guy that is worth having in your life

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  • He probably blocked you as an impulse move and thought how irrational that was, and unblocked you again

    • but three months ago he told me to get out of his life because he loved someone else and then blocked me? so what does it mean

    • His probably not with her anymore

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