My boyfriends mother sent him a picture of another girl... WTH?

we have been dating for four years and we live in different cities
his mother has known the whole time
I meet her personally last year at his graduation
she's muslim and I'm not covered up we got into a argument over that (me and the mother)
honestly I don't believe in religion and my boyfriend knows this
ever since I met them he has been acting distant
the day I got in a argument with his mother he was fine but then he went on a walk with his mother and came back yelling at me
that was months ago
he phone was busy for two days
so I log on to his fb to see if his been replying to anyone else
and there I see unread messages from me and his mother
(he's the one who wanted to have each other's passwords FYI I was Against it)
so her message had like 6 missed calls I click on it and there is a picture of a covered girl
the woman only speaks Arabic so I google translate the conversation before the picture and I swear it was like I was punched in the stomach
she explaining that the girl is an engineer and covered and religious they talk about her and then she sends the picture
when I send the picture he doesn't reply for hours. Then I block and remove him from my phone and every app except 1(I was getting sleepy I forgot)
he blows up my phone and when I finally replied his defense what yeah his mother sent the picture but. "he didn't like her" so if I wasn't pretty god know what would have happened
what should I do? Honestly I feel sick to my stomach. I feel as though he should have stopped her as soon as she brought another girl up but he didn't

i don't know who else to talk to about this... I'm so ashamed of what happened
My boyfriends mother sent him a picture of another girl... WTH?
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