After 3 years of liking some one and finally getting them, how are they able to end it?

a guy liked me for 3 years straight but I always turned him down and said I just wanted to be friends, then we got pretty close and I started getting feelings for him too. Then we became official and were an item for 4 months. When we were seeing each other but not official I cheated (only a kiss) and he forgave me. Then I was going out with one of my best friends who's a boy and something must have clicked in his head because he broke up with me. I never realised he was so unhappy in the relastionshio but he said he just didn't forgive me for kissing some one at the very start, and I never showed I "cared". After 3 years of him desprete to get me I don't know how he could just end it:( I regret kissing some one so much and I've tried everything to get him back. Do you think that he will realise he's lost something he worked so hard for and come back or do you think he's done with me forever?


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  • He just wanted to chase. Once the chase was over he moved on.

  • He's gone. He is over you. He realises now that the image of you in his head that he fell for, is not you.

  • maybe because he wanted you for so long but when it seemed like you finally wanted him you betrayed him?


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