How far would you go for someone you love, who doesn't love you anymore?

Not with the goal of rekindling the relationship, but to keep a sincere promise made when you were together?

We broke up just over two months ago at the conclusion of a two-year relationship, somewhat amicably, but respecting "no contact." There was a misunderstanding; concerns she did not air to me until they had become dealbreakers (I say misunderstanding because we were long-distance at the time; she was going through a difficult situation, I was searching for ways I could help, and there were some failures in communication).

Maybe this is what they call the bargaining stage, but the simple fact remains she's facing a serious (noncriminal) legal bind and I'm uniquely positioned to help. Trying to decide whether to reopen communication to make that offer, no strings attached.


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  • If the person didn't love me anymore then I'd give up. You can't fight alone in making a relationship work.

    Love is just a feeling , there's more to making a relationship survive than the powerful feeling of love for them.

    Sometimes you have to let go of people you love, not because you love them any less, but because the feeling isn't mutual anymore.

  • If I could help then I would offer help. Then the ball is in her court.

  • Our promise of not doing drugs and never forgetting him. I've defended him against my friends and his. I punched his cousin too for talking shot about him and me.


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