Is my ex boyfriend really got into a new relationship or trying to gain my attention on purpose?

We've been together for almost 6 years. We had couple of break up's in between but at the end he texts me back and I melt.
Couple of months back we had small argument over a topic and then he reduced texting or contacting me; ended up with not contacting or replying me for about 3 months.
Last month he replied to my text from 3 moths ago with just one word. And I just didn't reply him back.

After a month again he is parading pics of him with a girl on Facebook. He never did that with me when we were together.

Why suddenly he need to do with this new girl? (He and I never took photos like that when we were together)
Unfortunately I couldn't control my self when saw the picture. I text him back that I'm really happy to see that he got a new girlfriend and I wish them success for the future (Indirect hint). He saw my message but didn't reply me.

Would he be doing that on purpose to get to me? Or
He really is on a new relationship?
I have deep feelings for him. It's really hard for me to move on. Shall I hope that he will come back to me again?


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  • Some girls like different things. You don't like or took pictures like that but she does. I know my now wife loved to take pics of us way more than all my exes combined.

    Seems he is moved on and if though it's hard for you to you need to. Unfriend him on fb and delete his phone and try to focus on yourself for awhile.


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