Why did my ex reply the way he did?

I sent my ex a closure message.

It says I was sorry for slapping him in the face and I understood why he felt confused about his feelings for me and I wish him luck handling that. I told him I'm starting to do well with family and work, and I hope he is, too. I ended it with "Take care of yourself" and a P. S. that I want my old laptop back.

He responded with three separate messages consecutively:

"Hey, I just woke up and read this"

"I forgive you for that night"

"You know me well enough to know I don't hold grudges, right?"

I was asleep when he replied so I didn't get to see the messages until two hours later.

I'm wondering why is it that that's all he said? He completely ignored fifty percent of my message.

What do you guys think?
Why did my ex reply the way he did?
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