Is there any hope of getting her back?

Hi, i really need an opinion about this..
me and my girlfriend broke up 1 month ago... because of some understanding and i kinda take her granted after i got her..

so on that day.. i can't hold my tear and she saw that too..
she began crying and i hugged her
both of us cried like little baby and she kept saying sorry..
after that i went no contact for 21 days.. i can see she still constantly checking LOVEBYTE (app for couple where you can post pic and see when they logon)
and i haven't really delete her picture from instagram too.. she also keeping the picture of the gift i bought for her when we celebrate our 100 days together..(she never post our pic online though.
because she doesn't like social media to be in part of our relantionship) well she did introduce me to all her family thats what matter she said
i made a scrapbook with picture and note of our photo together (where we date and what we done so far, all i write in the scrapbook).
so yesterday i started texting her.. at first the respond is quite well... after that it began to turn cold
i did expect this to happen..
even when i suggest her about something the only reply in got is "ok"...

for summaries
-she didn't remove the picture of our 100 days together gift
-i didn't delete our picture yet
-she still haven't deactived the lovebyte app and sometimes she still checking it out
-she still like my post on Instagram and view my stories

im kinda confused when should i give her the scrapbook i made...
will i look like very desperate?
any suggestion


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  • She is your ex for a reason. Onto the next one boyo.

    • but brah...
      even though we only lasted for 5 month
      but it took me 2 year to finally to be together with her

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    • Yeah it's shitty dude I know. Just go out with your bros and have a good time. Stay social. Work towards success. My way of getting out of post breakup depression was overacheiving. I'd put my feelings aide and just be as productive as I possibly could. Even though I was going that depressed AF for a while it led to some new found confidence. Reminds you that you have control over life and your life doesn't have control over you. Literally ever man has gone through this. You just gatta bite the bullet and move on.

    • But brah.. can i ask you a question?
      do you still have contact with ur ex or i mean by staying friend etc?

  • Based on what you wrote, it sounds like she ended the relationship. If that's the case, let her go and move on. The world has way too many women for you to get all hung up on someone who doesn't even want to be with you.

    • lol yeah she indeed the one ended the relantionship
      i wish i can move on faster too.. but everytime i saw her post on IG or tagged photo of her
      it kinda make me crazy why she still can smile like nothing happen
      yet i m the sitting here grieving

    • For me, there's no better way to get over a breakup than to start dating other women. The more options you have, the less it hurts when one of them decides to move on.

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