A broken man please help?

Me and my ex have been together for a long time we have a family 3 kids together been threw a lot together felt she was my forever. And told me I was hers and this is what she wanted. For so long was a real family for her and the kids and so happy about it turns out she was cheating on me for a while and left me for he ex that cheated and left her but she will do anything for him no matter what it is won't talk or see me nothing because she doesn't want to loose him why am I expendable. To her when I tried and do everything possible for her and our kids. No matter what the cost and always stuck bye her side threw everything never cheated lied or treated her badly always mad sure she new she was my forever and all I wanted was her and the kids why did she cheat and tell me all these things and we get back together. And everything just to leave again for him whe. She had everything ever wanted why tell me she loves me so much and our family as she does that how can you say that to someone and act like its nothing and look me in the eyes say you love me and sleep with me lay in bed and have are kids around makeing me think everything is good and great and walk out on someone just like that over night again


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