Going out with my ex's best friend?

OK so my ex broke up with me the day after Christmas and that day his best friend texted me making sure I was alright. After about 2 months of talking and getting pretty close we eventually kiss..its weird at first and I end anything before it can begin! But a few weeks later and we kiss at every party we're at together! Now we're going out and I'm just not sure whether its a good idea, partly because I think I may still like my ex. The guy I'm with now is so much sweeter and a much better boyfriend then my ex and I do really like him so should I keep going on as if nothings wrong and hope that my feelings for my ex pass? Please help...

All sorted now...i was being a typical woman and over thinking things :)


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  • I would not keep going, you are going to tell their friendship apart if you have not already. Your ex seeing you with his best friend will make it so he will never like you the same way so that is out of the question.

    You sound like you already know what to do


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  • HIS best friend? Girl, that's so not cool!

    • Yeh HIS best friend... After we broke up I found out that he was texting other girls while we were together. It would be completely different if I broke up with him but he broke up with me(twice) so I owe him nothing. He didn't want a relationship and I do..

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    • Oh no I genuinely like the guy I'm going out with now. My ex thought that I kissed his bestfriend because I wanted to make him jealous but it had absolutely nothing to do with him. Thanks for your advice. Its good to get an outsiders view :)

    • I agree if he's treating you better than ur ex did and is that sweet to you then stay with him he seems like a great guy, and if ur ex is p*ssed off about it then that's his problem he's the one that's gotta deal with losing you, and the feelings for your ex will eventually pass, or they should anyway

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