Girlfriend put us on a break, feel broken don't know what to do?

So last weekend my girlfriend of 3 years drops a bomb on me and tells me she can't do this anymore.
she wanted to break up but I refused to let it be done over text after 3 years I talked my way into getting a face to face so i could at least get some kind of closure.
we spoke face to face and i asked her why?
she has been dealing with a lot of things lately as in lost job, family problems and so on.
the reason she gave me was that she can't keep watching what she says around me it's too stressful and she is not happy.

she says i get mad if she mentions an ex or guy friends... and she feels she can't keep doing this.

I defended myself because i feel she is wrong and just because i don't like 1 of her guy friends dose not mean anything the guy is just a pompous jerk.

anyway i have been a total mess just sitting around waiting to hear from her, i never knew I could miss someone so much is such a short time or could hurt so bad.

I am playing by her rules and giving her space and not contacting her but its killing me and the more time that goes on the more I kinda am getting mad that im being put in this position.

i dont know what to do right now
Girlfriend put us on a break, feel broken don't know what to do?
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