Advice! Should I let him go or is it me?

Hi everyone! I'm in need of some advice.
Like all relatiobships they start off blissful. I've Been with my boyfriend who I love dearly for 8 months. However I find myself second guessing our relationship. I question - should I be in it? For the lack of better words I feel like I'm distancing myself and I don't want to. I don't want to hurt him if I do but I know I will. I don't even know my reason to break up. It's so confusing. He's literally everything I wanted in a person, so I feel guilty for doing this. Do you think this is just me over thinking this?
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Oh and his father is in the hospital and j want to be there for him too. I would feel bad bringing this on him at this given time but I just need some advice :/
Advice! Should I let him go or is it me?
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